Videography Equipment



Sony PC series digital camcorders provide the lightness and robustness necessary for the task, without the videographer having to develop neck muscles like a weight-lifter. They give a picture quality that approaches broadcast quality and which until recently was unavailable at this size and cost. Stills can be "grabbed" into a PC and printed out to give reasonably detailed prints at normal sizes. Click the "pictures" link below to view some examples.


The Sidewinder helmet is made in America specifically to carry a Sony Mini-DV camera.

Tullis has an aiming mark on his visor to help him frame the video picture, which is subject to his skill in facing the correct direction to capture the action.


The footage is edited onto an S-VHS tape and subsequently onto  VHS tape as the music is added. The original Mini-DV tape is archived by us, or may be purchased by you by prior arrangement at cost .


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